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October 5-6, 2010

About The School

A two day seminar with above mentioned title BHARSA was held in the Department of Radio Physics and Electronics during October 5-6, 2010. The seminar was organised by the Centre for Research and Training in Microwaves and Millimeter Wave Technology (CRTMMW) and the UGC Networking Resource Center in Physical Sciences, Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics (IRPE), University of Calcutta (CU).

The announcement for the seminar reproduced below describes the objectives, scopes and other details of the seminar.


Genesis: The Institute

The Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics, University of Calcutta, established by Prof. S. K. Mitra, FRS, is the first University department in India engaged in teaching and research in electronics, communication, computers and all branches of Radio Science. Under the dynamic and able guidance of Prof. J. N. Bhar, FNA, the student and successor of Prof. Mitra, the Institute started activities in all contemporary areas of Electronics and Radio Science. Amongst the list of made-in-India for the first time are magnetron, C80 valve, analog computers, etc. The birth Centenary Year of Prof. Bhar: the visionary is 2011.

Genesis: CRTMMW

Since its inception teaching and research in microwaves formed an important activity of INRAPHEL. In recognition of the outstanding contributions made in microwaves and later millimeter waves, the Government of West Bengal initiated a training programme in Microwaves & Millimeter waves in INRAPHEL in 19xx. The state Government decided to upgrade the training programme by creating the CRTMMW in the year 2006. The Centre started its activities in 2008 by holding a one day workshop entitled “Horizons of Microwave and Millimeterwave Engineering Research”. This was followed by collaborative research with INPE, Brazil as well as continuation of lines of research already pursued by the faculties of the Centre and INRAPHEL.

Purpose of the Seminar BHARSA

A collaborative research programme between INRAPHEL and INPE and other Institutions has been drawn. The MoU for that is planned to be signed during October 4-6, 2010. A number of eminent researchers have agreed to be present during this period. The CRTMMW takes the opportunity to hold its formal inauguration on October 6, 2010, in the presence of Ministers, University authorities and the distinguished visitors A Two day Seminar BHARSA will follow the inaugural ceremony. The Seminar BHARSA will mark the beginning of the birth centenary year of late Prof. J. N. Bhar (born 11.07.1911); the father like figure of the INRAPHEL, whose dynamic leadership and guidance inspired a number of talented researchers to bring international glory to the Institute

Selection of Candidates

The submitted registration forms were examined and a list of selected fellows was published in the website to enable them to reserve train/air tickets. Due consideration was given to select participants from all over India and to give preference to candidates from North Eastern regions. The following Table may provide an idea how the objective was fulfilled.