University of Calcutta



2009 IEEE Applied Electromagnetic Conference (AEMC - 09)
December 14-16, Hyatt Regency Kolkata

About The School

2009 IEEE Applied Electromagnetics Conference AEMC and URSI Commission B meeting were held in Hyatt Regency Kolkata during December 14-16, 2009. This has been organized by the IEEE Antennas and Propagation & Microwave Theory and Techniques joint Chapter, IEEE Calcutta Section, in association with the Institute of Radio Physics and Electronics, University of Calcutta. This biennial International Conference is the second event of the series and has been attended by about 190 delegates from different parts of the Globe, which include USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Japan, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and obviously India. A significant participation from Indian Defence and Space Research Organization is quite indicative. Prof. Raj Mittra of Pennsylvania State University chaired the inaugural session on the first day of the conference. IEEE AP-S President Prof. Makoto Ando of Tokyo Institute of Technology delivered the Keynote address. Participation from Office of Naval Research Global (ONRG) is quite significant. Dr. Shawn Thorne and Dr. Robert Bolia, two Associate Directors of their Tokyo centre gave nice presentations seeking active collaboration with Indian Universities and Institutes. Fifteen tutorial lectures were planned and remarkably all the Speakers from different parts of the world showed up with their excellent deliberations. A talk on Mobile Communication from Electrical Engineering Viewpoint by Prof. T. K. Sarkar of Syracuse University and another presentation on Square Kilometer Array Antenna by Prof. S. Anathakrishnan were highly appreciated by the audience

Selection of Candidates

The submitted registration forms were examined and a list of selected fellows was published in the website to enable them to reserve train/air tickets. Due consideration was given to select participants from all over India and to give preference to candidates from North Eastern regions. The following Table may provide an idea how the objective was fulfilled.