University of Calcutta



Quantum and Statistical Mechanics
(May 24, 2010 onwards)

About The School

Modern era has witnessed a paradigm shift in the areas of electronics, communication and computers. With growing demand for collection and dissemination of information, the sizes of electronic devices and systems used in modern communication and computers are continuously shrinking to nanometric dimensions. Understanding their operation and designing for next generation systems calls for sound knowledge in Quantum and Statistical Mechanics. These topics, hitherto belonging to the realm of Pure Physics, are now needed to conduct research in frontier areas of Electronics, Communication and Computers like Nanoelectronics and Nanophotonics, Spintronics, Quantum Computation and Teleportation, Quantum Cellular Automata, Cavity QED, Solitons and Squeezed States, Nonlinear Optics, Single Photon Detection, Photon Turnstiles, etc.

The present school is the first step to create awareness amongst young electronics engineers and scientists intending to pursue research careers about the use of Quantum and Statistical Mechanics in the above mentioned frontier areas

Feedback from Participants

The Resource Persons gave regular home assignments for the participants. A meeting between the participants and the speakers was arranged after the conclusion of the lecture series. The speakers expected more interaction from the participants. However, since most of the participants had B. Tech or M. Tech degrees, they admitted that during their study on engineering and technological subjects they became detached from the subject of Quantum Mechanics. Statistical Mechancs was also introduced in a very elementary level in their B. Sc. Course. The discussion pointed out that the next lecture series should take into consideration these points.

At least 5 of the participants were accepted as M.Sc students in Nanoelectronics or Optics in Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, France. The Vice President of Foreign Students Affairs, Mr. Sylvain Ferrari met some of the teachers of the department and pointed out the need for rigorous training of the students in the advanced topics of fundamental physics. Some of the students who joined Ecole Polytechnique later expressed their satisfaction for arranging the lecture series. They however suggested that some of the topics like Density Functional Theory need not be discussed and topics like transport theory, band theory including tight binding approximation should be included next time.

Selection of Candidates

The submitted registration forms were examined and a list of selected fellows was published in the website to enable them to reserve train/air tickets. Due consideration was given to select participants from all over India and to give preference to candidates from North Eastern regions. The following Table may provide an idea how the objective was fulfilled.