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Abhirup Das Barman



  • Institute of Radio Physics and Electronics
  • University of Calcutta
  • 92 Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road
  • Kolkata 700 009
  • West Bengal, India

+91 33 +91(33)2350-9115 Ext. 41(Office),



  • Optical Communications
  • Microwave Photonics
  • Signal Processing in Communications

More information

He teaches Digital Signal Processing in B.Tech. and Advanced Communications, Optical Communications in Masters level



  • 1) Recipient of visiting researcher at Photonics Research National Laboratory (CNIT), Pisa, Italy Jan2007-Dec 2007
  • 2) Recipient of Erasmus Mundus Mobility scholarship of European union at Aalborg University , Denmark, Dept of Electronic System, Sept-2010-April 2011
  • 3) Recipient of Erasmus Mundus Staff Mobility scholarship of European union at University of Limerick, Ireland, August 2015-Sept 2015
  • Invited talk on "Indoor visible light communication with smart lighting technology”, SPIE, Photonics West (OPTO) 2017, San Fransisco, California, USA , Jan 28-Feb 2, 2017


    Abhirup Das Barman received the bachelors degree (B.Tech) in Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) from the Institute of Radio Physics & Electronics (IRPE), Calcutta Univ. and master degree (M.Tech.) in Electrical Engineering (EE) from IIT Kanpur and Ph.d from IRPE, Calcutta Univ. He worked few years in Indian Broadcasting Engineering Service (IES), Government of India in the areas of Satellite Communications, Digital Terrestrial Transmission (DTT), etc. Then he joined as a faculty in the Dept. of Radio Physics & Electronics, Univ. of Calcutta. Presently he is a Professor in this Department. In 2007 and 2009 he worked as a visiting researcher at the CNIT Photonic Networks National Laboratory, Pisa, Italy. In 2010-11 he worked as a researcher in Aalborg University, Denmark in the Dept. of Electronic Systems. In 2015 he worked as a visiting researcher at Limerick University Ireland, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering.

Selected Journals

    SELECTED JOURNALS (Major Publications in last 10 yrs)
    1) Senjuti Khanra, Ipsita Sengupta and A. Das Barman, “Small and Large Signal Analysis using Circuit Model of InGaAs/InP based Uni-Travel Carrier Photodiode", Journal of Opt Quant Electron, Springer, 49:374. PP. 1-24 (Oct., 2017).

    2) S. Karar, A. Das Barman, “Improving the data rate of indoor users through time sharing access of femtocell service in underlay heterogeneous network”,IEEE Electronics Letters, Nov. 2017(accepted)

    3) Karar, S. and Barman, A.D., “ Opportunistic spectrum access for cooperative unlicensed femtocells in two-tier heterogeneous networks utilizing HARQ feedback”. Computer Networks, Elsivier 123, pp.64-76, 2017.

    4) Alak Halder and A. Das Barman,"Adaptive Pre-Compensation of LEDs for Improved Decoding of N-CSK in Visible Light Communication", Journal of Optical and Quantum Electronics, Springer, issue 3, Nov. 2016

    5) S. Karar, S. Ghosh, A. Das Barman, “Promoting femtocell cooperation through incentive for improving data rate of indoor users in underlay heterogeneous network", in IET Communications, 10(17), pp. 2407 – 2415, Aug. 2016.

    6) Rangana Banerjee Chaudhuri, A. Das Barman, S.Bhanja, A. Majumder and S.Kar, “Low Phase Noise Frequency Tripled Microwave Signal Generation Using External Optical Modulation” Microwave and Optical Technology Letter, 2016.

    7) S. Karar, A. Das Barman, "Opportunistic Sub-channel and Transmit Power Allocation in an OFDMA Based Cognitive Femtocell Network", in Wireless Personal Communication, Springer, 2015, 84(2), pp.1303-1323.

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    11) Sandip Karar and A. Das Barman, “ Opportunistic sub-channel and transmit power allocation in an OFDMA based cognitive femto cell network”, Wireless personal Communications, Springer, Published online doi 10.1007/s11082-014-0095-9. May 2015

    12) I. Sengupta and A. Das Barman, “Investigation of inter-channel crosstalk mitigation by assist light in a TOAD switch by using electrical equivalent circuit model of SOA”, Journal of Optical and Quantum Electronics, Springer, Jan. 2014.

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    16) N. Andriolli, M. Scaffardi, A. Das Barman, P. Castoldi, L. Potì, A. Bogoni, “All-OpticalPacket Switched Interconnection Network based on Modular Photonic Digital Processing”, Journal IET Communications, UK, March 2009, Volume 3, Issue 3, p. 477-486

    17) A. Malacarnie, Jing Wang, Y. Zhang, Abhirup Das Barman, G. Berrettini, L. Potì, and A. Bogoni, “20 ps-Transition Time All-Optical SOA-based Flip-Flop used for Photonic 10 Gb/s Switching Operation without any Bit Loss”, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, Vol.14, N0-3, June 2008, pp. 808-815.

    18) Abhirup Das Barman, and P. K. Basu, “Incoherent In-band Crosstalk Induced Power Penalty in Amplified Wavelength Division Multiplexed Networks: a Comparative Study using Gaussian and Chi-squared Probability Distribution Functions”, Journal IET, Circuits, Devices and Syst., 2008, UK, 2, (1), pp.139-143.

    19) Abhirup Das Barman, Ipsita Sengpta and P. K. Basu, “A simple SPICE model for traveling wave semiconductor laser amplifier”, Microwave & Opt. Technol. Lett (USA) 49(7), July (2007), pp.1558-61

Research Projects

    1. Principal Investigator at IRPE of Mobile Broadband Service Support over Cognitive Radio Networks Funding Agency: ITRA, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology vide letter no. ITRA/15(63)/Mobile/MBSSCRN/01 dated Sep19, 2013 Amount: Rs 137.56 lakhs, Period 2013 (Nov) -2018(Dec)

    2. Principal Investigator at IRPE of Photonics-based advanced environment monitoring system for an enhanced pEVENTION of landslide and structural failure risks – PREVENTION: Joint Indo Italy bilateral Project DST Govt. of India, Sanction No: INT/Italy/P-16/2016 (SP), dated 28/07/17, Rs 26.56 Lakh, Period 2017-2020