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UK-India Collaborative Workshop on Photonic Devices and Systems for Mid and Long Wavelength Infrared Applications
December 13, 2009

About The School

Following a bilateral agreement between the Governments of UK and India, two Institutions, one from each country, form a partnership in the UK-India Leadership Program. Universities of Sheffield and Calcutta are one amongst such partners. As an initiation of the partnership program, the Department of Electronics & Electrical Engineering of the University of Sheffield and the Department of Radio Physics and Electronics, University of Calcutta, agreed to hold a one day workshop on a common theme. The one day workshop Photonic Devices and Systems for Mid and Long Wavelength Infrared Applications was held accordingly.

The chosen date of the Workshop was December 13, 2009, the day before the inauguration of the 4th International Conference CODEC 09, and the venue was the Institute of Radio Physics and Electronics, CU, India. Participants were Research Scholars and Young Faculties belonging to various Institutes and Colleges from India having background and interest in the field of Semiconductor Photonics. Dr. Judy M. Rorison, University of Bristol, an Invited Speaker in CODEC 09, also registered and attended the Workshop. A nominal registration fee was charged for the participation. The Workshop was co-sponsored by the IEEE Photonics Society - Calcutta Chapter. Major financial supports were provided by the University with Potential for Excellence (UPE) program of the University of Calcutta and the UGC NRCPS of the Department of Radio Physics ad Electronics, CU.

The Workshop started with a brief but formal inauguration describing it as a stepping stone to build collaborations between the University of Calcutta and the Universities in UK including the University of Sheffield. The speakers in the inaugural program mentioned earlier collaboration between the two departments in the development of Gunn and other types of microwave devices and circuits, as well as setting up of a Liquid Phase Epitaxy reactor in RPE. The exchange of visitors between the two departments under earlier British Council – UGC programmes, e.g., ALIS etc, was also recalled.

Plans for Collaboration between CU and SU
An informal meeting was held between the faculties of University of Sheffield and IRPE on the last day of CODEC 09 at Hyatt Regency. Earlier, the UK participants were shown the infrastructures and facilities to be developed by the Centre for Research in Nanoscience & Nanotechnology in CU’s Salt Lake campus. It was decided that University of Sheffield would accept a student from IRPE: preferably at the M. Tech level, who is willing to pursue a research career and give him a training on running and maintaining clean room facilities : a course offered regularly by Sheffield. It was pointed out that the travel money for sending such a student is available from CU’s endowment fund. The issue of providing living allowances in Sheffield for a period of 3 months was discussed. The Sheffield faculties were requested to explore possible avenues for such funding. Some thrust areas of collaborative research between the two partners were also identified.

Selection of Candidates

The submitted registration forms were examined and a list of selected fellows was published in the website to enable them to reserve train/air tickets. Due consideration was given to select participants from all over India and to give preference to candidates from North Eastern regions. The following Table may provide an idea how the objective was fulfilled.